The area of Edipsos consists of three settlements, the coastal town of Edipsos, Loutra, the green village of Edipsos full of trees and natural beauty, and the seaside village of Agios Nikolaos with its many beaches, tavernas, and cafes which attracts a large number of tourists.

Edipsos is especially known for the Edipsos spa, forming the seaport of the city and attracts large numbers of visitors because of its curative properties of its spa waters. Loutra Edipsos is 110 km from the capital town of Chalkida and features many modern hydrotherapy facilities. The spring waters of Edipsos, which have been known since ancient times, make it the most famous spa town of Greece.



  • The Healing Thermal Springs
  • Vriniotis Winery
  • Cave of Sylla
  • Waterfall of Drimona
  • Churches

The Healing Thermal Springs

Edipsos has to be one of the most amazing resorts in the world when it comes to healing mineral baths. There are more than eighty individual springs with waters ranging from 28 to 86 degrees centigrade, which can be quite hot. These springs are said to be effective in curing problems such as rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis, degenerative arthritis, spondylo-arthritis, myalgia, neuralgia, lumbago, neuritis, backaches, tendonitis, vessel diseases, diseases of the endocrine cycle and post-traumatic inflammation. A number of gynecological complaints can be remedied such as salpingitis, endometritis infertility, and ovarian deficiency. They also say it can cure men's potency problems. There are also many privately owned spa facilities, baths, and pools, some of which belong to the hotels. Nature has also chipped in for a rare combined experience where the warm water gushes from the seabed, a rare phenomenon that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

Vriniotis Winery

The position of the winery offers a panoramic view, since from all its rooms can someone see the vineyard, the North Evoikos Gulf, Polichni of Edipsos and the waterway of Oreos which leads to Aegean sea. Next to the old, stoned grape mill with the traditional underground fermentation tank, is located the new winery. The new winery is built according to the local architecture of Edipsos, which forces traditional line and soft colors. The winery is open all the days of the year and has a tasting room, for visitors to taste all the wines. The winery Vriniotis is located in North Evia, in the village Gialtra, just a few kilometers from the Edipsos and is open for visits every day of the year, while the view is breathtaking. The tour follows a unique path through the vineyard, the old wine press, the winery, the cellar of oak barrels and ends in the tasting room, where visitors can taste and buy some wines to take back home.

Cave of Sylla

One of the remaining finds of the Roman period are the baths at the “Sylla Cave”. It can be found behind the hydrotherapy building of the Greek Tourism Organization near the church of the Sts. Anargiroi in the town of Loutra Aidipsos. The cave of Sylla is a small building with a dome. The whole building has been covered with the residue of the sulfuric waters that boil out of the earth in the area and make it seem like an entrance to a cave. At the entrance to the “cave” stand two statues with inscriptions dedicated to the Roman emperors Andrianos and Septimios Severus from the municipality of Istiaia. The first also holds a later inscription honoring emperor Constantine of the Byzantium. This cave is connected to the general Sylla since he would come to the baths for therapy. Although there is still the opinion of some that this was a later monument that simply took his name.

Waterfall of Drimona

The Drimona Waterfall is a location of exquisite natural surroundings. This gorgeous waterfall can be found in North Evia, at an altitude of 620m and 4km after the monastery of St. David, following the road that starts at Rovies. The journey amongst the lush greenery provides a peaceful drive for the visitor. There are two versions as to the origin of the name: either from the thick oak (δρυς=dris) forest that surrounds it or the severe (δριμυ=drimi) cold that exist during the winter months. The Forest Ranger’s office of the nearby area has created for the visitor, with great care and respect for the natural surroundings, a wooden kiosk with a small exhibition of local plants as well as fossils that have been found in the area. Also, through the construction of natural materials and trunks, they have built bridges and supports to allow the visitor to enjoy his exploration around these excellent waterfalls. The river Sipias creates a lovely scenery by spreading its waters down these superb falls. The water drops with force and momentum from a height of 15m into a crystal clear lake surrounded by cliffs and forest. This lushly forested lake is of great ecological importance due to the thick firs adjacent to the rare beauty of the black pines.


In addition to the magnificent beaches and spas, it is worth taking the time to explore the locality and its historical and architectural remains, among which the beautiful churches of Agios Panteleimonas, Agios Fanourios and St. Anargyron stand out.

What to expect

  • The Healing Thermal Springs
  • Vriniotis Winery
  • Cave of Sylla
  • Waterfall of Drimona
  • Churches

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