Epidaurus is one of the most important archaeological findings reflecting the splendor of Greek culture through its imposing beauty. Its ancient town stands on Argolian land, overlooking the Saronic Gulf.

The mountain heights of Arachnaio, Koryfaio, and Tithio form a natural perimeter which embraces the town, protecting from the winds and giving it an exceptionally mild climate.

Clear running waters, beautiful natural landscapes, and beneficial climatic conditions served to create the ideal place for the healing of a man with the power of the gods.

The Asklepieion at Epidaurus gained fame throughout the world for its unique healing practices as it was undoubtedly the greatest of the theurgical sites in antiquity.



  • A Unesco World Heritage Site
  • The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  • The Epidaurus Asclepion
  • The Museum of Epidaurus
  • The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean Tombs
  • The Sunken City 

A Unesco World Heritage Site

The famous theatre at Asclepius of Epidaurus is one of the most important monuments of ancient Greece and a world-class attraction. It combines perfect acoustics, elegance and symmetrical proportions. It was built around 340-33 BC so that the patients of the Asclepion could watch theatrical performances and was in use until the 3rd century AD.

The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

An institution from 1955 onwards, the ancient theatre of Epidaurus once again holds a prominent position in modern Greek culture. It has hosted acclaimed ancient dramas, operas, symphonies, and dance performances, featuring top  Greek and foreign actors, directors, set designers, choreographers, musicians, and composers. 

The Epidaurus Asclepion

The sanctuary of Asclepius or Asklepieion as it is called, in Epidaurus was a sacred healing place devoted to Asklepius, the healer god, the god who had the power to cure people of their pain and illness. Such sanctuaries were frequent in ancient Greece and in fact, they were quite popular as people from all over the Mediterranean would come to find healing. Asclepius was believed to be the son of god Apollo and a mortal woman named Arsinoi, the daughter of the king of Messinia.  An Asklepieion was the temple of Asclepius, where people would go with the hope to be cured. There were many such sanctuaries scattered along Greece, but the most famous one, visited by people from all over Greece and from other areas of the Mediterranean Sea, was in Epidaurus, where Asklepius was born, according to the myth. To find out the right treatment for them, people spent the night in a sleeping room and the god himself would come to their dreams and tell them what to do in order to be cured. Apart from the sleeping rooms, the sanctuary had a guesthouse with 160 rooms, a stadium and mineral springs. 

The Museum of Epidaurus

The Museum of Epidaurus, which includes a great variety of exhibits, is located opposite the site of the ancient theater. It was constructed in the early 20th century to house the restoration of the site of Asclepios, and the excavations in the area. A number of original sculptures have been transferred to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and replaced with plaster copies. The most important exhibits are the entablature of the Temple of Asclepius (380-575 BC), the entablature of the Temple of Artemis (370-310 BC) and the statue of the God Asclepius (copy).

The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean Tombs

The plethora of findings certifies how famous the town of Ancient Epidaurus was. One of the most important monumental sites is The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean tombs at the foot of Mount Katarachi. Walking along the road of ‘Nera’ from the top side of the village, visitors can admire the graves from close.

The Sunken City 

In the shallow waters of Kalymnios beach, a small part of the ancient city has submerged. One could see the remnants in the waters either by boat or swimming. In some places the ancient breakwater is still preserved. It is worth diving at a depth of only two meters to marvel the well-preserved ruins. It is a fact that the sight will leave you filled with awe.

What to expect

  • A Unesco World Heritage Site
  • The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  • The Epidaurus Asclepion
  • The Museum of Epidaurus
  • The Seven Vaulted Mycenaean Tombs
  • The Sunken City 

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