Are you a nature lover? Do you seek the kind of thrill that will pump up your adrenaline?

Karpenisi is the ideal destination as there is a multitude of activities for you throughout the year.

So, don’t waste time, take a trip to the heart of Greek nature and see ravines with impressive waterfalls, densely forested areas, and rapid river waters!



  • Unique nature & view
  • Monastery of Proussos
  • Saloon thematic park
  • Panta Vrexei canyon
  • Velouhi Ski Center
  • Traditional villages
  • Local delicacies 

Monastery of Proussos

The monastery of Proussos is built on a steep rock.
According to the tradition, it was founded in 829 by monks Dionysios and Timotheos, who brought with them the icon of Virgin Mary from Prousa in Asia Minor. However, it is more possible that the monastery was established between the 12th and 14th century. You will find religious icons dating back to the 13th and 16th century as well as a library where many important relics are kept. The Museum of the Proussos Monastery, where old ecclesiastical relics and personal items of Georgios Karaiskakis are kept. You can also see the “steps” of Virgin Mary in "Typoma", geologic formations that look like footprints. According to the tradition, these are the footprints of Virgin Mary when she came from Prousa. You will also have the chance to see the lookout towers (“karaoulia”) of Karaiskakis above the Monastery of Panaghia Prousiotissa, which were built during the Revolution. In Prousos, the “Agathidis’ Library” is also very interesting. The library was founded along with the middle school in 1880.

Saloon thematic park

The Saloon thematic park provides the visitors with activities for all ages in a well organized and secure space, including horse riding, climbing rappel, archery, mountain bike riding as well as little Indian canoe, small train in the woods, trampoline and aerial passage over the little valley of the saloon. Alongside you can find the Saloon bar, a wooden shelter which combines the beauty of the Greek nature and the tradition of the American south under the sounds of Classic Rock, South Rock Country, and Blues. Located 4km away from the town of Karpenisi, the Saloon park can be easily reached through the main road.

Panta Vrexei canyon

One of the most spectacular and beautiful areas of Evritania is the Panta Vrexei Canyon located between the villages Roska and Doliana. The name means "always raining" and is due to the fact that in the gorge the flow of the icy water coming down the steep mountain Kaliakouda is not continuous and compact but decays to a wide range of small and large drops, creating a continuous artificial rain turning the already beautiful landscape into a breathtaking. There are three routes you can choose to reach the canyon, all you have to do is to drive a car (a jeep is recommended) and then to hike into the river (river trekking) to reach the canyon. Try it and you will really be rewarded by the wild beauty of the landscapes you will see!

Velouhi Ski Center

Velouhi ski center is 12km away from the town of Karpenisi. The chalet includes a cafeteria, a restaurant, a ski school, a store for renting equipment and accommodation facilities. There are 6 lifts in total and 11 tracks. 

Traditional villages

Near the town of Karpenisi, at a distance of a few kilometers, the visitor has the capability to discover picturesque villages and exquisite, overgrown areas. Some of these villages are Agios Nikolaos, Miriki, Korischades, Voutiro, Agios Andreas, Mikro Chorio, Megalo Chorio and more.

Local delicacies 

Taste Evrytania country sausages with or without leek, local pies and river trout at nearby tavernas. Try the top quality organic prosciutto made of a black indigenous breed of swine, a delicacy which was known as ‘akrokolion’ in antiquity; nowadays it is produced at Prousso village. The product was awarded the second prize in the international gastronomic competition in Sicily, and the plant where it is produced is one of the sights in the area! If you are a cheese-lover, make sure you taste feta cheese as well as Tsalafouti, a local cheese. Tsipouro drink or mouro, a type of local drink whose taste is similar to tsipouro, will make a fine accompaniment to your meal. Trachanas, some herbal mountain tea and fragrant honey from fir forests in the area are products you should definitely add to your buys before leaving.

What to expect

  • Unique nature & view
  • Monastery of Proussos
  • Saloon thematic park
  • Panta Vrexei canyon
  • Velouhi Ski Center
  • Traditional villages
  • Local delicacies 

Who it's for

Our trips are designed for private and corporate groups looking to explore the beauties of Greece while enjoying a ride.


  • 4 nights accommodation in a traditional guesthouse or 4* hotel, bed & breakfast basis
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  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • All taxes and service charges
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