Nobody knows how to party like the Greeks. It’s a fact. Don’t believe us? Come see.

Nobody knows how to party like the Greeks. It’s a fact. Don’t believe us? Come see.

Whether you are a group of party animals, a group of middle aged folks that want to rediscover their partying selves, or simply a group of people that want to be taken to some of the best nightspots in Europe, we’re here to arrange your night. Just let us know what you’re up for, from live Greek music “bouzoukia” where carnations are thrown at the performers as they sing, to a hot club hosting a famous DJ, to a quieter tour of the local cocktail bars. Athens and the islands start pumping from 9pm and can last until after the sun has come up, making Greece a top notch nightlife hub, comparable and equal to New York, Amsterdam and Paris.

Do not forget that you don’t have to limit your choice to only one theme. There are plenty of options that you can mix and match at your heart’s desire.

Bar hopping

Let us arrange a bar-hopping tour of Athens, and party like the Greeks do. We will take you to the best bars in the city, all bustling with life, while top-notch bartenders shake you up some trendy cocktails. If hard liquor isn’t your choice, wine is available everywhere. Dive bars more your thing? Drinking holes? You’d be surprised to see what we will help you discover.


The “bouzoukia” are incredibly popular with the locals. They are live stages that host a certain roll of artists each season, most of whom come out on stage well past midnight, so be prepared to stay out till the morning hours. It’s where Athenians spend incredible amounts of money to engage in the liberating act of throwing a plastic plate of carnations at the singers to show appreciation. Strange, you may think, but wait till you try. The name of these stages is actually the name for a traditional Greek instrument, the bouzouki, heard in most of its traditional music.

Night clubbing

Greeks know how to have a good time. Welcome to the land of drinks, dancing, and laughing till the sun comes up. Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, Crete, Ios, wherever you turn, there is a spot famous for its nightlife. Greek clubs are legendary, and top DJs from all over the world come to play on their decks. But it’s not all about the music and the drinks; a lot of it is in the location. Imagine dancing as the moon shines its path over the dark, calm sea, or a warm, salty summer breeze kissing your skin, or your laughter echoing through the picturesque island village roads as you make your way home as the sun comes up. Priceless.

Luxury hotel bars

Luxury hotels are abundant in both Athens, the islands and mainland Greece. Choose your destination or let us suggest one, and enjoy an evening with world-class cocktails, wines, and delicious food, at some of the best hotels in the country. Views of the Parthenon, a volcano, or infinite blue sea included.

Famous DJs

Greek DJs rank pretty high on the scale of musical knowledge, and many are recognized at European level as well. Greek clubs are sure to host one or two every night. Very often, especially in the Greek islands, world-renowned DJs make special appearances in the summer.