Tinos is a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea, a hidden secret away from the tourist crowds. We invite you to join us on a unique 7-day trip and discover this magical island. 

This is perfect for the ones wishing to immerse into the authentic Greek culture and to discover a typical Mediterranean natural preserved environment.

Located in the Cyclades Archipelago, Tinos radiates light, reflected by its famous gray-blue and white marble architecture, surrounded by a magnificent blue sea and an immaculate Mediterranean sky. A few beaches for swimming and an essentially religious tourism have contributed to preserving the island from massive tourism.  

You will discover a land of charming traditional villages, historical architecture with Venetian dovecotes, cultivated terraces that tumble into the sea and mills perched on massifs. 



  • Church of Panagia Evagelistria or Our Lady of Tinos
  • The Marble Village of Pyrgos
  • Dive into Tinos Beaches
  • Check out the Huge Tinos Birdhouses 

Tinos island’s proximity to other Cycladic islands makes it an excellent destination to hop to and from, including the neighboring “rock star” island of Mykonos.  Exploring Tinos is the opposite of Mykonos, a look into one of the more off-the-beaten-track destinations in the Greek islands.


Church of Panagia Evagelistria or Our Lady of Tinos

Tinos may not be world famous but it does attract its own segment of tourists, namely Greek tourists with a miracle in mind. They embark on Tinos twice a year, on March 25 and August 15, to visit the island’s landmark church called the Church of Panagia Evagelistria or Our Lady of Tinos. The icon of the Virgin Mary housed in the church is believed to be the source of numerous miracles. Locals explained to me that once the ferry docks, pilgrims will drop down and begin to crawl on their knees toward the church, praying the whole time.  A carpet, set out specifically for them, stretches across the main street from the port, a distance of 300 meters. Turns out the trip, prayers and kneeling were worth it for many. Silver and gold gifts given by the pilgrims who had their miracle prayers answered hung and glittered around the entire church. 

The Marble Village of Pyrgos

Tinos is dotted with some of the loveliest villages in the Cyclades. You will love spending one afternoon in the marble village of Tinos called Pyrgos. It is a unique experience, a whitewashed dream of marble everywhere! There are marble accents on homes, churches, doors, and staircases. You can also visit the Marble Museum of Art in town. Other villages to explore include Arnados, the highest village in the Kechrovouni Mountain. Volax is a tiny village with houses that are built onto the rock.  Isternia sits high above Isternia Bay with spectacular views.

Dive into Tinos Beaches

Near Pyrgos village check out beautiful Rohari.  Also noteworthy for lovely sand and relaxing environments are Agios Ioannis Porto, Agios Sostis, Stavros and Agios Fokas.  The beaches of Kolumbithra and Ormos Yannaki with its views of Syros, are also considered top notch beaches by locals as well. Lots of choices indeed! Out of all of the choices you need to visit Pachia Ammos for a bit of Tinos beach research. It is located on an unmarked path away for the touristic paths. (Tip: Don’t wear flip-flops for this path). Then, when you 'll be there, you will witness a unique green sand beauty of a beach on the southern coast of Tinos island.

Check out the Huge Tinos Birdhouses 

Tinos island is renowned for having the best birdhouses in the Cyclades. They were serious houses. In fact, I thought they were actual people houses at first.  But, they were built for birds.  Hundreds of the birdhouses called dovecotes dot the Tinos landscape, many with beautiful marble designs and intricate stonework. 

Nightlife is sparse in Tinos but there are a few clubs and bars in the summer behind the waterfront. The other best thing to do at night is just to stroll around Tinos Town then have a drink at a lounge bar on the promenade facing the harbor.

What to expect

  • Church of Panagia Evagelistria or Our Lady of Tinos
  • The Marble Village of Pyrgos
  • Dive into Tinos Beaches
  • Check out the Huge Tinos Birdhouses

Who it's for

Our trips are designed for private and corporate groups looking to explore the beauties of Greece while enjoying a ride.


  • 6 nights accommodation in a bed & breakfast basis
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  • All taxes and service charges
  • 24hrs Assistance phone number

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