Zagori is a region and a municipality in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, in northwestern Greece. The seat of the municipality is the village Asprangeli. It has an area of some 1,000 square kilometers and contains 46 villages known as Zagori villages (or Zagorochoria or Zagorohoria), and is in the shape of an upturned equilateral triangle. The southern corner of the triangle contains the provincial capital, Ioannina, the south-western side is formed by Mount Mitsikeli (1,810m), and the Aoos river and Mount Tymfi constitute the northern side, and the south-eastern side runs along the Varda river to Mount Mavrovouni (2,100m) near Metsovo. 


  • Beautiful village of Monodentri
  • Vikos Gorge
  • Village of Mikro Papigo
  • Astraka Refuge - Tsepelovo
  • Traditional local taverns

DAY 1 Arrive Monodentri

Arrive at the beautiful village of Monodentri.

DAY 2 Vikos Gorge

Our day starts from the village of Monodentri and we go to the amazing gorge of Vikos (the deepest gorge according to the Guinness book of world records). After we passed through the village we find the entrance of the path (Monodentri steps) that actually is an old one that is going us to the core of the gorge (1.5 km downhill elevation of 375 m).  In the next 9 km we hike to different elevation rates in a wonderful place with big laminated stones. Always at the right side is the river of Vikos (Dry River) that in fact, the most days of the year is dry. If we want we can go to visit the springs of Voidomatis River that came from underground. After that, we continue in the same path that goes to village of Vikos

(Estimated Walking Time: approx. 6-7 hours)

(Distance 12 km)

DAY 3 Papigo - Astraka Refuge

At the foot of Tymfi (altitude 988m.) is the village of Mikro Papigo that actually is the starting point of the second day. After crossing the village, climb the well-marked trail that leads to the refuge of Astraka. The climb is relatively smooth after a 5.5 km climb in altitude of 1000m. Also, we find springs of water and a good place to rest and enjoy the view. In the end of the path is the refuge of Astraka in altitude of 1905 m, where we spend the night.

(Estimated Walking Time: approx. 3-4 hours)

(Distance 5.6 km)

Refuge of Astraka - Tymfis Dragon Lake (optional)

When we arrive at the refuge, optional we can go to visit the Alpine Lake (Dragon Lake) of Tymfis that is the basic environmental place of Alpine Triton (Ichthyosaura alpestris) (Small Dragons) in the altitude of 2010m. The distance between the Dragon Lake and the refuge is about 2.75 km with great viewpoints.
(Estimated Walking Time: approx. 1.5-2.5 hours)

(Distance 5.6 km)

DAY 4 Astraka Refuge - Tsepelovo

Our day starts on a path with slightly downhill and then goes up to 2000 m that we find the peaks of Astraka and Gamila. In the small plateau, the water creates Loutses (ponds rarely have water throughout the year), the most characteristic is called Loutsa Rompozi. After that in about one hour, we meet Gkailotrypa (deep gorge 200 without particularly apparent opening). Passing Mega Lakos (gorge Vikos rips and supplies the water), begin to descend for Tsepelovo and shortly before arriving we pass meadows stand out from the limestone of Tymfi.

(Estimated Walking Time: approx. 7 hours)

(Distance 14.5 km)


What to expect

  • Beautiful village of Monodentri
  • Vikos Gorge
  • Village of Mikro Papigo
  • Astraka Refuge - Tsepelovo
  • Traditional local taverns

Who it's for

Our multi-thematic trips are designed for private and corporate groups looking to get the most out of their stay in Greece.


  • 4* hotel or traditional guest house up on the mountain (b/b) and one o/n at refuge according to program ( b/b)
  • 3 dinners, water included
  • All the transfers according to the itinerary
  • Experienced English speaking local guide
  • Transfer to/from Monodentri
  • Third party insurance
  • All the taxes

Cancellation Policy

For free-cancellation tour packages options: Up to 24 hours before the beginning of the activity: full refund. Less than 24 hours before the beginning of the activity or no-show: no refund.

For free-cancellation custom packages and sales: Refundable under exceptional circumstances. The refund will be subject to approval from the company.


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