Join our team as an Official Partner and benefit from our local expertise in order to provide your customers engaging experiences all over Greece, all over the year! 

By becoming a Kase Partner you gain time, variety and a representative of your company's interests here in Greece that knows how to make things happen, combining your way and the Greek way, that your clients would love to experience.


Due to our international and multiannual activity, we are fully aware of your need to have a local partner to depend on that they will serve your group of clients honoring your own principals in terms of service quality, flexibility, and continuous communication capability, as each group is assigned to an experienced staff member who is available on call 24/7 to handle any unforeseen situation. The Kase Project is an established travel agency, fully licensed and approved by the local authorities, applying a high level of standards and practices.


We go the extra mile in order to provide value for money options for you and your clients. Our philosophy is to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. It is essential for us to help you choose the right destination for your customers, to be present at any given time of their presence here in Greece, to provide money saving tips, to assist with any paperwork that needs to be done, to keep everyone safe, and last but not least, to make everyone feel like they are our personal guests.


Our long-standing involution with tourism has indicated that some destinations may remain timeless but at the same time, we feel this change in the needs of tourists to get deeper into the local culture, to live the daily lives of the local people, not to spend their experience in the pure tourist places of interest. This sensitivity to responding to the constant changes in the traveler's tendencies makes us create packages with unique experiences tailored to the needs of each group.


As an M.I.C.E. company with constant involvement with high-end customers and high-demanding partners, we are distinguished for the professionalism and the excellent result that we want to provide to our partners and customers alike. We emphasize to incorporate our experience into every new project we undertake to accomplish. We believe that anyone can offer an attractive package of services but the difference lies in the implementation, and that's where we invest steadily over the years.


Our network of local suppliers is essentially the most important tool for our business and it is our top priority to maintain the quality of such a serious matter. We ensure that we preserve long-lasting partnerships with experienced and reputable suppliers so you can be confident with having all the choices you need locally in order to offer a top travel experience to your customers.


The Kase Project understands that each agent has to cover different clientele and needs when establishing a new cooperation. For this reason, we are able to provide two different ways of cooperation:

  1. Commission Based Cooperation or
  2. NET Based Cooperation


So if you are interested in our services, please send us your company's legal details and let us know which type of cooperation you prefer so that we can send you a draft of the agreement.



NOTICE: Without prior signed agreement of cooperation, you do not have the right to use content from our website or brochures.