Development and Creation of Cultural Events in Less Popular Greek Islands

Development and Creation of Cultural Events in Less Popular Greek Islands

Overall, the promotion and enhancement of culture and creativity in remote and island regions can create multi-dimensional and sustainable development, while promoting diversity and social cohesion.

In order to promote culture and creativity and to contribute to the creation of multidimensional and sustainable development, local actors can follow different ways of taking action:

  1. Development of Cultural Events: Organizing cultural events, festivals and traditional events to promote local culture.
  2. Support for artistic workshops: Creating spaces and supporting arts workshops to develop skills and create local art.
  3. Provide training and skills enhancement: Provide training and skills enhancement in the area of culture and creativity.
  4. Supporting local artists and creatives: Providing financial and technical support to local artists and creatives.
  5. Development of tourism activities: Creating tourism packages that incorporate local culture and experiences.
  6. Cooperation with local communities: Engage and work with local communities to plan and implement initiatives.
  7. Digital Presence and Social Networks: Develop a digital presence to promote culture and creative events through social networks.
  8. Environmental Initiatives: Support initiatives to protect the environment and biodiversity while promoting culture.


The active involvement of local stakeholders in these areas can create an integrated environment that promotes local culture, strengthens the local economy and contributes to social cohesion.


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