Digital Nomads

Greece is the next big thing as an ultimate destination and haven for the Digital Nomads! Get to know the newest hotspot for any kind of remote workers.

Greece has managed to turn the conjuncture into an opportunity and became a top destination for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads.

Greece is a beautiful country, with a rich history, strong culture, and ideal weather.

Greece is a great choice with the perfect combination of sea, mountain, cities, islands, and small villages. All of it offered to you in very close distances providing you the opportunity to get a taste of each and every one of them even during your daily routine.

Greece has a very privileged position on the map. Emerging in between three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa, gives you the chance to be here while feeling comfortable that you are connected with at least 30 destinations around the world reached by low-cost air companies and with extensive coverage worldwide, enhanced even more April to October with charter flights.

In Greece, you will have one of the lowest costs of living among the European countries while maintaining a very high quality of the services and products provided, which is great leverage when you consider relocating here for a while.

The internet connection and wifi, are not an issue, they will not betray you in Greece. With a middle range of 9-13 MBPS for the remote locations and far more in the cities, you can feel secure that the most important parameter for a remote worker is satisfied.

Besides being a very safe country, compared to other European countries, Greece has a very vibrant lifestyle, day and night, without costing a fortune. Soon enough, you ‘ll learn how to party the Greek way among the hospitable locals.

Greece has a rising start-up scene and an ecosystem has already started taking shape. You will have an excellent opportunity for networking and inspiration while interacting with the new generation of Greeks that are leaving their 9-5 jobs to work for themselves, follow their dreams and start to make things happen. There may not be too many co-working spaces yet, but, in every neighborhood, you will find at least one coffee shop where you can sit for hours with your laptop and work undistracted with free wifi provided. Moreover, the convenient time zone will not keep you awake for your teleconferences and skype meetings.


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