Seasonal Celebrations

Greeks take their holidays very seriously. And we don’t mean the summer ones. Each region has its own unique tradition and each village its own celebration or festival. Let the celebration begin!

Every single city and village has its own traditions and special ongoing events during the holidays. Does the massively throwing of ceramic pots from windows and balconies sound something different and worthy to see? Maybe a different kind of Halloween during February is more convenient for you. Just give us a hint in the custom field of the communication form and we will make sure to bring it to the center of attention!

Do not forget that you don’t have to limit your choice to only one theme. There are plenty of options that you can mix and match at your heart’s desire.

Easter is a huge deal in Greece. The official religion is Orthodoxy, and many people devoutly fast for holy week, attend church, while almost everyone stands outside church on Holy Saturday, right before midnight, waiting for the holy light and then the bells that mark Christ’s resurrection. Traditional foods are aplenty at this time of year, from lamb on a spit, to magiritsa (soup with lamb and lettuce), and wine, ouzo and tsipouro are a staple on an Easter Sunday table.

Christmas & New Year’s Eve
Even though Greece has succumbed to the commercialization of these two wonderful holidays, it still manages to keep traditions alive. The capitol turns into a majestic city of lights, Christmas trees blinking on almost every square, holiday shoppers rushing home, nibbling on bags of roasted chestnuts sold on the streets. Families gather on Christmas day for lunch, and everyone in the land named Chris or Christina is celebrated that day.

New Years is party night. Most Greeks celebrate the change of the year with their families, and then the youth squeezes into cars and heads to the clubs or the bouzoukia.

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