Special Sea Adventure Ideas in the Athenian Riviera

Special Sea Adventure Ideas in the Athenian Riviera

Team building on board is an excellent opportunity to enhance cooperation, improve communication skills and promote teamwork among your team members. Onboard team building is also an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sea and have a unique experience. Here are some suggestions for onboard team building activities:

Boat races: Organize races between different boats. You can arrange canoe, kayak or even traditional sailing boat races.

Training Workshops :For example, you can have an instructor teaching sailing or receive training courses on canoeing.

For example, you can organize a boat trip or a training course: Organize a treasure hunt in an island area. Teams must solve puzzles and follow clues to find the treasure.

Fishing Trip: Organize a fishing trip where group members can learn the basics of fishing and fish together.

Climbing Adventure: If the boat is large, you can organize rock climbing activities on rocks near the shore.




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