7 Days of ecotourism & cretan traditional workshops

Discover Crete’s hidden mainland and join the Cretan traditions along the countryside.

7 Days of ecotourism & cretan traditional workshops

Crete may be an island, but the most valued treasures are hidden in its mainland.

Welcome to the Cretan nature with its breathtaking view, the small picturesque villages and the local traditions. In a world away from the coast surrounded by mountains, you will have the chance to connect with nature, cultivate the land, learn the different Cretan arts and discover the famous Cretan cuisine in the eco-friendliest way possible.

The unique location makes it ideal to visit at every season thus offering an unforgettable and different experience.



  • Attend pottery, weaving & wax-candle workshops.
  • Taste the Cretan cuisine with the farm’s natural products made inside the manor such as cheese, honey, wine, olive oil, the famous ‘raki’, fruits & vegetables.
  • Get closer with mother nature & the animals of the farm.
  • Treat your body & soul with fun sports activities during your stay.
  • Visit astonishing caves formed by nature & monumental places.
  • Enjoy the sun & the crystal sea waters of the Cretan beaches near the Plateau.


Who it's for?

Our eco-friendly trips are designed for private and corporate groups looking to explore the beauties of Greece while enjoying a ride.



  • 6-night accommodation on a bed & breakfast basis
  • Maps & detailed travel information
  • All transfers
  • Guided experiences
  • All taxes & service charges
  • 24hrs assistance phone number

Our guide will be expecting you at the airport of Hrakleio in Crete. You will be accommodated inside an eco-farm for a whole week. Prior to your first activity, there will be some time for snacking and resting. Your day continues inside the farm, where you will be introduced to the art of pottery one of the oldest Cretan customs. Have the opportunity to participate in the process of producing clay objects, prepare the clay, shape the object on the wheel, bake it in special kilns and paint it. You will also have the chance to walk through the path that leads to the animal park where ducks, peacocks, pheasants, goats, horses, and ponies live under natural circumstances. Engage actively in animal welfare. The day will conclude with a meal at the estate’s restaurant, where you will be served dishes prepared with farm products.

The day starts with you taking a lavish breakfast full of organic products cultivated and produced inside the farm such as honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, and different kinds of famous Cretan cheeses. Your day continues with you attending the process of weaving at one of the oldest looms in Crete, as well as a woodcarving workshop. Wood was mostly used in the production of folk musical instruments such as the Cretan lyre. We will continue to enrich your day with a visit to the famous, fully equipped beaches of Malia. You can dive in the crystal waters, relax under the sun and enjoy your drinks and snacks. Late in the afternoon, you will return to the farm for a superb dinner full of Cretan specialties.

Your first activity of the day will be a small culinary tour inside the manor where you will attend the production of cheese, honey, wine, olive oil and you will have the opportunity to taste all these products that come in abundance. Next you will visit the farm’s garden, and see the process of drying and standardizing aromatic plants. Herbs and teas such as lavender, dictamos tea, and rosemary collected from the slopes and dried under natural conditions without any chemical treatment are available not only for tasting but also for purchase. After a quick lunch, you are free for some afternoon walks inside or outside the manor where you can admire the region’s natural beauty and its spectacular view. Dinner at the restaurant.

The tour today will include the exploration of the plateau outside the farm. Your guide will lead you to the famous astonishing hollow caves that formed with the passing of time such as Cave of Peristera and Trapeza, and Cave of Dikteon Andron which is the cave where Zeus, the father of the Greek gods, was born. Next, follows a visit to the sacred Monasteries of Kroustalenia and Vidiani where you will be able to pray in peace and experience the authentic feeling of an Orthodox Church. Moreover, you will visit the Cretan Folklore Museum of St. George with its worth-experiencing cultural and historical legacy. Finally, you still have time for a quick dive in the nearest beach possible before returning to your accommodation for an exceptional dinner.

Good morning! After taking your breakfast, another activity awaits you. You will participate in a traditional wax-candle workshop where you can mold your own candles. Candles were used not only for artificial lightning but also for worship purposes. The small chapel of St. Efraim located near the farm is the place where you can light your handmade candles. The day continues with some fun sports activities offered by the estate such as 5×5 football, basketball, volleyball, archery, horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking around the farm. Next up, you will visit the distillery of the famous strong spirit called ‘raki’ and you will be joining a feast with the locals full of Cretan music and songs called ‘mantinades’ along with traditional foods such as olives, tomatoes, cooked potatoes, grilled meat and of course plenty of raki.

Late in the morning after a good sleep and breakfast, you will have the day ahead for a small excursion with your guide outside your stay. You will arrive in Malia area, where you will be visiting the famous Minoan Palace. This is the third-largest Minoan palace in Crete, built in a wonderful setting near the sea, on the road linking eastern and central Crete. After this experience, you will have plenty of time at one of the many beaches of Malia for relaxation and swimming. Late in the afternoon, you will be back at the farm, taking your tasty dinner and having interesting conversations with the locals.

After having a good breakfast and deciding which products you will be purchasing and taking with you, our guide will escort you until your arrival at the airport to catch the flight for your way back home.

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