Discover Tzoumerka: Traditional Villages, Stunning Nature

Villages in the fir trees, squares with centuries-old plane trees, chestnuts, walnuts and running water. Let’s start our journey through nature and time…

Discover Tzoumerka: Traditional Villages, Stunning Nature

Athamani village

The village of Athamaniou is located in the Athamani Mountains, or Tzoumerko, and is amphitheatrically built.
Geographically, it is located between the two most beautiful rivers of the country: Arachthos and Acheloos. A village in the
midst of fir trees and running water.
In the paved square of the village with the century-old plane tree (120 years old) there are various shops to drink your coffee or your tsipouro and the church of the village "Koimisi tis Theotokou".


For our stay you can choose between traditional guesthouses with an incredible view or a luxurious resort hidden in the fir trees.
• In the hostel "Elatophilito" in a studio with a view of the mountain but also a tavern with traditional cuisine
• In the complex "Mansion Sarai" with the fully equipped apartments, breakfast is with pure and domestic ingredients and with a
traditional coffee shop inside the complex.
• In the "Tzoumerka Resort Rouista" a complex of stone buildings that offers a daily breakfast buffet with traditional local products. With a view of the imposing mountain you can enjoy coffee, drinks, as well as handmade liqueurs and homemade sweets.


Hand-rolled pies, game, local wine or tsipouro, as well as local handmade sweets, make every stop for food a unique experience
• In the tavern «In Tsoukali» you will be satisfied with roasts of the hour, game, boiled goat and village pies
• In the hostel «Elatophilito» operates a tavern that serves local tsipouro with meze, delicious semi-sweet wine, pizzas, crepes and local baked sweets, all handmade
• In the "All day Cafe Bar Sierra Tzoumerka» in the morning you drink perfect coffee and eat homemade sweet and savory creations from the owners and in the evening you will drink clean drinks and listen to rock to 80s, mainstream and clubbing nights


Theodoriana village

The name of the village comes from the ancient Athamani city of Theodoria. The tourist maps they say that it has the most water in Greece.
The icy waters of "Goura" fall from a height of 25 meters, after first being separated forming two wonderful waterfalls.
The stone-built houses spread out on the slope of the Eastern Tzoumerkas in the barren land, strewn with rocks, springs, firs, plane trees, walnut trees and drowned in greenery.


In the hostel "Threshing floor" built on the highest point of the village overlooking Kostilata and the mountain peaks of Tzoumerka.


• Tavern "Kitchen" with seasonal foods, mezes, wine, tsipouro and traditional pies
• Tavern "Zatzalos" for spit roasts, cockerels and dancing at any time of the day
• Tavern «The Savior» for tsipouromezes and local grills
• Trout Farm Restaurant Gouras Achelou at Skapari Theodoriano you will enjoy fresh fried trout

Excursion to the village

The mountain villages of Tzoumerka are beautiful in winter dressed in white, but those who travel they often think that spring is the best time to visit because everything is in full bloom and full of color and beautiful fragrances!

Local products

In the taverns of the area you will taste local fine meats, homemade pies and baked sweets. From the mountain villages it is worth buying honey, tea, oregano, handmade pasta, spoon sweets, homemade sauces and jams. Don't forget to try bobota and liqueur helmets!

Holidays – Traditional Festivals

• Clean Monday in Saint John Athamaniou koulouma with bean
salad and kite flying
• August fifteenth in Athamani they have a festival from midday with wine or tsipouro,
roasts and lots of dancing until the evening
• In Athamani,August 15, they dance "Kangelari" in the village square. It started as a bridal market since
women and men they form different circles that during the dance come face to face
• In Theodoriana,August 15, they have a three-day festival in the village square to have fun drinking and dancing the traditional dance


Before you start, don't forget to take a camera with you! The area is part of the Tzoumerka Peristeri and Haradra Arachthos National Park! It combines leisure with knowledge at the same time. You will enjoy the impressive creations of nature, natural waterfalls, caves, gorges and ravines. In the mountain villages, there are several monasteries, churches, which are worth visiting, as well as museums, art centers, for culture lovers.


• There are infinite paths with impressive landscapes, rapid rivers, waterfalls for hiking, mountain climbing, cycling as well as dirt roads for off road 4x4
• Cross of Theodorians, there is the Tzoumerko shelter that offers warm accommodation to snow lovers, tsipouro, local sweets and food from their own hands. From there you can see the villages on the plate
• Its two most beautiful rivers of the country, Arachthos and Acheloos offer water sports such as rafting, canoe-kayak and swimming on hot summer days
• In the idyllic lake of Pournario for fishing, for lovers of the species

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