Ikaria-the global phenomenon of long life

Live the adventure life in Ikaria.

Ikaria-the global phenomenon of long life

According to Greek Mythology the island of Icaria (in Greek: Ikaria) took its name from
Icarus the son of Daedalus who landed on the island when the sun burnt his wax wings.
The sea around the island owes its name to that legend, and it is called Icarian. The island
is famous for its feasts during the summer season and its residents are known for their
longevity. Apart from that, Ikaria has numerous beaches, sandy or pebbly, popular or
isolated surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Some of the most famous beaches of the island are Magganitis which is a sandy beach
among massive rocks which have been left after digging through the mountain to build
a tunnel to the village. Another beach named Armenistis is very popular with the youth.
Finally, Seychelles is one of the most gorgeous beaches of our selection and its name
can be attributed to its locals.



  • Visit numerous beaches
  • Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the island
  • Take part in unique Icarian feasts
  • Taste the local food & wine
  • Walk through the paths of wild nature
  • Enjoy the locals’ storytelling


When it comes to celebrations, the island’s residents are the best at organizing feasts with live music, plenty of food and traditional homemade wine. With a cost of a small contribution from the visitors, the local government can finance its public works. Almost every day during August, there is a different feast organized in a different village of the island either for religious or social reasons. People dance to the sounds of folk live music all night living a genuine Icarian experience. The island's wild nature gives this incredible opportunity of hiking. People there used to walk from their villages to their farms, thus creating numerous paths to follow ranging from moderate level to very difficult one.


What to expect

  • Magical beaches with pellucid waters
  • Hospitable locals
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Traditional food and red wine
  • Numerous paths to explore
  • Wild nature


Who is it for?

Our multi-day trips are designed for private and corporate groups looking to explore the wild nature of Ikaria and live the experience of a Greek feast.



  • Multi-day trips
  • Maps & detailed travel information
  • All transfers
  • Guided experiences
  • All taxes & service charges
  • 24hrs assistance phone number

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Number of Participants

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Minimum 4 days


Kids are allowed over the age of 15

What to wear

Comfortable clothes, Hat , Sunglasses , Sunscreen, Windbreaker, Appropriate shoes


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