Off the beaten path in the co-capital – Thessaloniki

Witness the unknown side of the only co-capital city in the world, Thessaloniki.

Off the beaten path in the co-capital – Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki used to be the co-capital city of the Byzantine Empire, following Istanbul. Symbolically, it remained the same in the modern Greek state, but this became literal over the years.

Thessaloniki is the second center of Greece, regarding governmental and administrative services, commercial treaties, and financial, educational, and cultural life.

The city plays its very own role whereas it constitutes a bridge between Eastern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, and Northern Greece and the rest of the country, Europe and East.

With that being said, this city has plenty to reveal to you once you decide to explore it.



  • The Ruins of Rentina
  • Abandoned Bogomils Graveyard
  • Heptapyrgion Fortress
  • Thessaloniki Train Cemetery
  • A two-thousand-year-old ancient brothel
  • Yeni Camii


The Ruins of Rentina

These ruins in Volvi were once at the intersection of the Eastern and Western Worlds.

This abandoned hilltop settlement near the ancient city of Arethousa was a stronghold for a succession of ancient civilizations.


Abandoned Bogomils Graveyard

This field of half-buried stone crosses was the burial place of a sect of heretical gnostics.

Located near the small Greek town of Nea Chalcedon is an ancient graveyard, that has long since been pillaged for riches, but is still home to a beautiful collection of stone crosses established by a Gnostic Christian sect.


Heptapyrgion Fortress

An abandoned Byzantine fortress and a notorious prison.

Exploring this centuries-old abandoned fortress is like stepping into its dark past. During its tenure as a notorious prison, its walls witnessed a history tainted with torture and brutal executions.


Thessaloniki Train Cemetery

Thousands of rusting train cars have been slowly falling apart on the edge of Greece's second-largest city.

On the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, hundreds of railroad cars have been standing abandoned on their railway sidings, rusting away for decades.


Ancient Brothel

A two-thousand-year-old brothel was uncovered in Northern Greece.

The ancient brothel attached to a public bath was uncovered in the ancient forum of Thessaloniki in 1997.


Yeni Camii

This architecturally eclectic early-20th-century mosque was built as a place of worship for the Islamic followers of a Jewish messiah.

Completed a mere decade before the city came under Greek rule, Yeni Camii was the last mosque built in Thessaloniki while it was still an Ottoman port. The “New Mosque” (as its name means in Turkish) was built for a particularly unique population within the variegated Ottoman Empire: the Dönmeh, publicly Islamic crypto-Jews whose ancestors had “converted” along with their messiah in the 17th century to avoid punishment by the sultan.


Of course, Thessaloniki has much more to offer you during your stay...

Thessaloniki’s cuisine is widely known for its quality and variety. As the formation of the overall culture of the city came under many influences, Thessaloniki’s cuisine is one of the richest in Greece.

The same applies to its nightlife. With exquisite bars and internationally award-winning bartenders, in Thessaloniki you will find bars of any kind and style: cocktail bars with special cocktails, selected whiskey bars with wine cellars and beers from around the world, wine bars with a large variety of wine labels, café bars, bar-restaurants, etc., bars that choose to play from mainstream foreign music, pop, rock and soul, all-time classic, funky, electronic, house, indie, dance to latin and jazz. When it comes to decoration, industrial, romantic, vintage, modern, alternative, and sometimes, London or New York-style bars will make you feel comfortable with their relaxed atmosphere. During the summer months, you can enjoy your drink on ....the roof, since some city buildings convert their rooftops into entertainment places, even cinemas!


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