“The Greek olive” experience – 2 days

The Greek poet Odysseas Elytis once said: “If you decompose Greece, in the end you will see an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means: with just as much, you can create her from the start.”

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"The Greek olive" experience - 2 days

The olive tree played a prominent role from antiquity as a symbol of Goddess Athena who according to the myth was the one that planted the first olive tree in the region of Athens.

Wreaths made of olive branches were used during Olympic games as a prize to the winner. They were also considered to be an offering to the gods in exchange for good luck and divine protection. Greeks were the first to plant and cultivate the olive tree in the Mediterranean.

Today Greece is one of the top three countries to produce olive oil for the global market. What is the procedure for collecting the fruit? How is this ‘gold juice’ made and what makes it so special around the world?

Discover a story worth narrating!



  • Ancient Messene
  • The castle of Androusa
  • The impressive Monastery “Andromonastiro”
  • Guided tour at the olive press factory (mill)
  • Olive oil tasting of 4 different extra virgin olive oils
  • Olive oil & food pairing with at least 4 different combinations
  • Traditional plates such as lalagia, pasto, Kalamata olives, tzatziki, feta, & olive paste
  • Wine & ouzo


Your journey begins from Athens and unfolds to the ancient Messene.

Ancient Messene

Messene is a significant ancient city in terms of its size, form, and state of preservation, and has a lot to offer. It possesses sanctuaries and public buildings, imposing fortresses, houses and tombs. Amongst other things it preserves the advantage of never having been destroyed or covered by later settlements, and is located on an unspoiled inland site. Messene’s natural habitat integrates the majesty of the mountains of Delphi with the calm zone of Olympia, with its acropolis dominating the limestone mass of Ithomi and its fertile valley.

Descending from Mavromati village, we reach the Museum. Continuing our journey and as we pass through the vineyards and the olive fields you will see the Theatre of Ancient Messene with its spectacular walls, on your right while on your left lies the Arsinoi Fountain. Moving on to a narrow path, we see on our left the Agora, and after that, the sacred area of Asklepieion. Take your time and feel this unusual energy of this place!

Let's move on to our next destination...

The castle of Androusa

The castle was built sometime after 1250 AD by the ruler of the Principality of Achaea William of Villehardouin.

In 1417, the Paleologoi family, the Byzantine rulers of the Despotate of Mystras took over the castle, one of the most important castles in Peloponnese around that time.

Turks captured Androusa in 1462.

Walking through the castle’s outer wall on a hidden path, we observe the olive trees and hear learn the history, the tradition and the mythical tale around them. After our 30-minute olive walk, we will visit a unique Olive Oil press mill, in the center of Androusa Village located there for more than 120 years. Listen to the 5th generation owner explain the procedure of the extraction, storage and standardization process of the extra virgin olive oil comparing the past and present practices.

A special dining table is filled with olive oil in blue glasses suitable for tasting as you are about to become a tasting expert! Try the extra virgin olive oil of “Koroneiki” variety and learn about its characteristics. Recognize the elements that define the extra virgin olive oil. Indulge in the different varieties of the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil such us “Manaki”, “Xalkidikis”, “Mavroelia” and appreciate their fine quality.

Of course, the olive oil tasting is paired with traditional recipes including fruit and small gourmet dishes such as tzatziki, kalamata olives, olive paste, lalagia, pasto along with wine and ouzo!

The history, the soul, the tradition, the gastronomy of Messinia have been revealed through the Olive oil paths… enjoy a unique experience in the endless olive groves full of wisdom, flavor and the aroma of Peloponnese.

The evening will be yours to explore the surrounding area, including the natural landscape various visitors and coffeeshops.

Overnight in Messenia

Your morning will begin with a full breakfast, before we continue to our next destination.

The impressive Monastery “Andromonastiro”

A monastic complex with fortifications and one defensive tower. It has been abandoned for over a century.

Built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos (end of 12th-beginning of 13th century), the monastery went through six additional construction phases since then. In 2011, restoration works started and the project was completed in 2017.

Cherish every moment of this journey and make every step count!

It’s time to hit the road back to Athens.


What to expect

  • Ancient Messene
  • The castle of Androusa
  • The impressive Monastery “Andromonastiro”
  • Guided tour at the olive press factory (mill)
  • Olive oil tasting of 4 different extra virgin olive oils
  • Olive oil & food pairing with at least 4 different combinations
  • Traditional plates such as lalagia, pasto, Kalamata olives, tzatziki, feta, & olive paste
  • Wine & ouzo


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